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The Product Studio

We Just don't code.... We Create Reliable products!
Our DNA runs in building prototypes which become the backbone of large scale applications. Over the last 10 years, our expertize in the best software practices and tools allows us to ship very fast and with industry leading quality (if not setting the industry benchmark itself).

We execute product design, engineering and deployments like no one you've every seen! If you're here, you've probably been referred by someone who's seen this to check us out...

What Nighthack?

The name kind of hints to how it all began.. but if you want to know

One Late night at a prime R&D office in Bangalore.. sat a bunch of hackers who had just pulled off a very quick proof of concept - a prototype!

They were not just building software anymore but thinking products. It was no longer a game of coding to live but transcendence towards Living to code!

We have curated a team of many other hackers and engineers who think of building products above all else..

This is the reason why we are a bit finicky in choosing our products. Once we decide, we ensure execution!

We have since striven to instill freedom of practices, stack and approach to problems leading to innovative solutions to each problem statement we take up. Right from handholding new startups from their ideation to MVP all the way to solving big problems and blockers large firms face as expert consultants

We are the solutioning experts and if you have a problem that seems seemingly difficult to solve, we have the expertize to productize it!

Clients We've Served

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