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Our Services

Cross Domain Rapid Prototyping

We build and deliver your idea to a product in record time.

First deployment and prototype goes live in as little as 2 weeks from kickoff! Then on we work a manner tailored to your product forming your product team. We are an expertise consulting group - so any problem statement across any or many domains is our game.

Big Data Applications

Millions of records, billions of records, we got it all covered...

We understand scale.. specially so when it comes to handling application data with the best practices. We've worked with banks, e-commerce stores, user information trackers and bidding engines, surely there's something more you can throw at us to do.. and we shall build it!

Distributed Applications

Orchestrated Software at scale - made maintainable

We take up splitting of concerns seriously in applications. If your use case requires large segregation of concerns for a big dev team - we've got that covered as well.

We work with both Service Oriented Architecture and Microservice architecture - depending on your problem statement. CI/CD pipelines are standard shipment.

User Experience and Product Design

"It all starts with visualizing what's in your mind"

We understand the translation of business into tech and all the bridges that exist between them. Our experts will decipher your idea and break it down into the simplest blocks for execution by any dev team .. of course you'll also choose us once you see how this all comes together

Cross Platform on demand

We deal with web, REST, black boxes, pipelines, lambdas and All App platforms - Android / iOS / Windows / *NIX - if you have another platform to add to this list - we'll undertake that as well.

Our cross platform apps are made with Electron, React-Native, Flutter and we publish on all app stores

A Customer Centric Dev Studio

It's not just software, it is a product!

We cover User experience, Engineering and Delivery along with connecting you to our advisors from investors, business experts and branding all the way to marketing and operations.


It's not just a software you build with us, but a full-fledged product...

No two products are the same.. so why should their development process be?

We tailor a process of iterations and incremental development as per your product's needs. Sprint lengths, expertize of devs, iterations, releases.. everything is customized...

A Process Tailored for you

Rule Engines

Complex Business logics with no-code  

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