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All your medical data in one secure and fault-tolerant repository.

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Check what health locker helps you to do ?

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Active Security and Biometric Access

2-Factor Authentication for long term usage (validity across weeks) and active biometrics / FaceID for short term usage (each time the app is opened) The Authentication process while secure, is kept user friendly with support for sign-up via popular social apps with an additional layer of phone number verification. Every Attempt of authentication is verified against last known device of the user as well as check for bots / fraudulent attempts for access


Quick Access and Classification

Upload from local storage or click a picture to classify all medical records with ease, All documents are encrypted and stored for quick access even in bad network zones. Bills are analyzed for spends and reports constitute the automated analysis as well as health alarms.

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Sharing and Family groups

Add family and friends along with fine-grained control over which documents they have access to. The approval process ensures that no accidental access is given to an unauthorized person. The sharing section allows quick access to family members’ health records and bills.


Analysis and Alerts

Our system smartly analyzes all reports and classifies them according to the type of report / test that was carried out. Our algorithms then anonymously evaluate the given patient for their contributing factors to determine their health. Systemic analysis and classification of relevant factors for all organs of the bodyis then carried out for giving out system specific reports and analysis (eg: heart) The reports can furthermore determine correlation with other related reports and systemic reports to determine any upcoming trends in terms of

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Never misplace any health record here on..

Health locker empowers customers a fine grain control over who has access to their data along with ability to form a family group as well as block and unlock emergency access to certain access levels

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