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Update your business logic 10-25x faster, on the fly

Gone are the days where the business logic was coded and maintained by a development team.. and with it the headache of managing shipping cycles.

Introducing the Dynamic rule engine...

We empower your bussinesses rules using Simple math & Pseudo code

See how rule-engines makes work easier

Define Data Schemes
Configure relevant fields, optional fields, type of fields, possible options and any number of other options which form the basis of your decisions
Record & Validate the data 
Test against sample data , Live apis, play around in the sandbox. Play with data at scale and go live on your production data - all without the need of any developer!
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Frame 1000000835.png
Frame 1000000836.png
Create products
Let your core business remain with you.
Let the data you want decisions on flow out - without need to reveal any personalized entities
Define Rule Chains
Define all your decision chains and business rules. Define how the data will flow and what decisions these dataflows will take. Allow connections and events to be fired to any number of other systems!
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Business rule engine's benefits 

Here are 4 reasons why ‘Using rule engines will be the best business decision you will make this year.

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Make it easier to maintain the application

Frame 1000000818-1.png

Keep the application flexible as the needs of the business change

Frame 1000000818-2.png

Minimize the risk and cost of updating

Frame 1000000818-3.png

Free up resources that can then be used to innovate on the business side

Tell us little more about your idea. We’ll do the rest
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