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Prompt Engineering Guardrails


Simplified prompt Engineering for end users with the complex fine-tuning under the hood handled by our team of experts. Just add in your problem statement and let us build the rest. 

Go to market in 1 week!

Prompt Engineering Guardrails

Welcome to the PEG project, also known as Prompt Engineering Guardrails, affectionately branded as "pegmaster." This innovative endeavor is dedicated to engineering automated and efficient prompts to ensure consistent results across a myriad of problem statements. With a focus on enhancing the prompt engineering process, PEG aims to establish robust guardrails that steer towards optimal outcomes, thereby revolutionizing the landscape of problem-solving across diverse domains.


Join us on this transformative journey as we embark on pioneering advancements in prompt engineering for unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.


Initiate and Deploy



Gathering Domain knowledge, Training data and compilation of fine-tuning data for specific use case. Establishing baseline for results and accuracy as expected by the project / firm. Deploy a first live system which works with all Dev-Ops and scaling setup.

Multiple Fine-Tuning Cycles to arrive at an accuracy level between inputs an outputs. First training cycle usually will reach about 70% with our team of experts. They will then fine grain the results and outliers for review with your organisation. Blackbox is released to the setup from step 1

6 week iterations of fine-tuning data and results with guaranteed 10% boost upto 92% accuracy! These are numbers almost unknown in the ML services industry.

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