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Make your decisions faster and smarter E-governance

Dvoted allows organisations and individuals to create topics for decision making, invite users for casting their votes and indicate the next steps as well as milestones to track the lifecycle of decisions

No Pricing 😃, We just need your email address

Powered by Ethereum

Deployed on the Ethereum blockchain and enabled through a simple client side application with a super-light interface. All voting events are powered by smart contracts on the blockchain

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Define a Topic and Add Voters

Quickly define a topic, add options and invite users to cast a vote.

The approval process ensures that no accidental access is given to an unauthorized person.

Define optional milestones to continue engagement and visibility to voters on different decision points

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Quick Access to Topics

Quickly access topics which have invited you to cast a vote All documents and related content to a topic are encrypted and only available for unlock using the current accessor’s key

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Tracking and Conclusion

Track project progress, goals and have details of responsible points of contact to see in action, the power of your vote.

Topic holders are kept accountable with progress tracked through immutable records and available in a ledger that cannot be overwritten.

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Active Security and Biometric Wallet

2-Factor Authentication for long term usage (validity across weeks) and active biometrics / FaceID for short term usage (each time the app is opened)

The Authentication process while secure, is kept user friendly with support for sign-up via popular social apps with an additional layer of phone number verification.

Every Attempt of authentication is verified against last known device of the user as well as check for bots / fraudulent attempts for access.


Start Building decisions wisely

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